Monday, October 5, 2009

A very satisfying weekend

Over the past few days I feel like Jordan and I have been able to overcome some issues that have been causing some stress in our lives.

First of all we finally found a place to live! Yes I am extremely excited since we have been looking around at many different places for weeks. After a rather taxing and tiring search, we decided to rent out this awesome townhouse in Draper. The size is perfect and I really can't wait to have our own place again. The best part is that they allow us to sign on at 3 months at a time so hopefully we will be able to move very easily when Jordan gets a fabulous offer!

And just as exciting for me, I took my exit exams today! Hooray! It is the beginning of the end for me! School is coming to a swift close and I couldn't be more excited about it. I am officially done with my hours on October 29th and after that I will just need to take my state boards and finish my friday classes and I am done forever!

I am also pretty sure that I have secured a job as holiday help at Nordstrom until I am officially ready to secure my license. That will be a great way to get some extra income rolling in and keep me busy until then.

It has been a good week!

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jeannesioux said...

Good job, Trisha.
I am so impressed with your get up and go. Getting this degree in hairdressing,etc. is a very wise move on your part, because you can either do it in a salon, or do it right in your home with your own hours. That was one of the reasons that I went into commercial art. I did do a little free-lance art up until we had two kids. I have to admit that I did not use it much after that, professionally, but I did use it alot when I would do art projects with the kids. My music has brought in more money than my art, to be honest with you. It is just nice to have that creative outlet anyway, even if you are not the main breadwinner. I think hairdressers have a place in society also in another way. I have noticed that hairdressers are good conversationalists and good listeners and I think that they do alot of good in a social way. My friend down in Arizona did hair in her home, and people just liked going there because she was a good listener and fun to be around. She did better there on her own than she would have done in a salon, I think. Anyway, I think it is terrific what you are doing.

The music that your mother sang with the Tabernacle Choir was beautiful. Do you know who arranges those hymns? Wes and I are amazed at how beautiful they rendered a couple of "plain old hymns"....Have I Done Any Good, and Lord, Dismiss Us With Thy Blessing. Sometimes I miss the old Utah things that I grew up with. It has been 29 years since we left Utah. (yikes) I especially miss the mountains. Going to Tooele was a treat to me, not that I lived there, but the history, the feeling of the place, and the Wasatch front with all that it means to me in so many ways, was hard to leave, then and now. I know that Jordan and Justin have their gripes about issues in Utah, but I love the old "whatever it is about the place."