Sunday, September 13, 2009

In Another Life...

I want to be Sissel Kyrkjebø. She is a Norwegian singer that I have recently discovered. She actually has done a lot of work that people are blissfully unaware of. When she was just a teenager she was the voice of Ariel in Disney's "The Little Mermaid". More recently she did all the vocals for the movie "Titanic". James Horner who did all the music for the film actually wrote the entire soundtrack specificly for Sissel's voice. But when push comes to shove the film studio was convinced that she was not a big enough name to support the main theme song of "My Heart Will Go On" and gave the song to Celine Dion instead.

I've always really loved the song "The Prayer" recorded by Josh Groban and Charlotte Church. However while searching around youtube I found the same song preformed by Sissel and Josh Groban. Basically my two favorite vocalists wrapped up in one incredible preformance.

I love the lyrics and arrangement of this song. What is really fun is that The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is actually recording this song for their next cd. I can't wait to see how they arrange David Foster's amazing song.


jeannesioux said...

Wow Trisha, that was beautiful. Josh Groban has always been one of my favorites. In fact, there is one of his songs that I stay away from, as it touches me so deeply. (It can bring me down.)
They sing that together so beautifully.
I have always wished that I had that kind of control over my voice, but my tiny bit of voice training was too late in life.
She is beautiful.
Thanks for sharing that with us.

jeannesioux said...

Did you see that concert where she performed with the Tabernacle Choir?

We saw your mom today. It is always fun, looking for her.