Thursday, October 15, 2009

The epidemic hits

We are all going to die!!!!

Or not...But Jordan does have the Swine Flu. He started feeling sick on Tuesday so he decided to stay home. By the time I got home that evening he looked like he was on his death bed. He could barely walk his body hurt so bad and even touching his back through his shirt you could tell that he had a raging temperature. We really didn't think anything of it though. We figured it was just a flu bug that would work itself out.

He felt a little better on Wednesday so he did go to work, however by the time he got home he still didn't feel like he was recovering at all. Today he still felt really sick so he stayed home again. He called the office and found out that 2 co-workers had been out sick the last few days as well and 1 of them had tested positive for Swine Flu.

So we found a doctor that was able to squeeze him in and sure enough he tested positive for Influenza A. What an exciting day. It is hard to see him so sick though because he has always been so healthy. However the doctor assured us there really is no reason to overreact. He is going to be sick for a few more days, it will suck, but he will recover.

Now if I could just get him to stop snorting and oinking as he walks around the house...


Kranendonk Family said...

Trisha I'm so sorry he is so sick and has the swine flue!! Hopefully you don't get it... I hope he gets better very soon though cuz it would get annoying hearing snorting all the time :) Jk. Besides that I hope all is going well for you!

jeannesioux said...

Trisha, I hope that he is not getting dungeonitis on top of it all. But, keep him down there anyway. What else is there to be done? Eat lots of garlic and vitamin C.
I love your humor and positive mindedness, Trisha.