Sunday, November 22, 2009

Arizona 2009

We got back early last week from a wonderful trip to Arizona. Jordan had been wanting to go down there since we got married since it is where he grew up, but it was hard to find a workable time. Our friend Josh was getting married so we decided it was a perfect chance to finally make the journey down.

We spent a majority of our time in Gilbert which is where Jordan grew up. It was so fun to be able to get there to see old friends, and some old friends of Jordan's that I had never met before! We had a great time playing racquet ball, going miniature golfing, and going to Josh's wedding.

We also had the chance to spend some time with my Aunt Jill who moved down to Scottsdale in July. My cousin Sierra was participating in a small musical that a gentleman in their ward was putting on. The musical was "Oliver" and the man who ran it happened to be Don Bluth. Now if you don't know who Don Bluth is, google him. He is basically one of the last old time animators. He has done films such as "Anastasia", "The Land Before Time", "An American Tale" as well as many of the early Disney films. A very talented man, and some one Jordan has always looked up to.

It is really amazing because Don basically puts these musicals on for the kids who are LDS. Because alot of times in Arizona anywhere else you try to do a play or musical you have to rehearse on Sundays. So Don decided to make a musical that they would be able to do as well. He does the whole thing out of his home. He turned his living room into a stage, his kitchen into an Orchestra, and he does the whole thing non-profit. It was really fun to go and see the play since it was in such a inimate surrounding. About 40 fit into the 'audience'. While there are about 60 kids in the play. Don conducts the orchestra while watching the play and takes notes. The kids really did a fantastic job considering what a small stage they have to work with. Unfortunetly Sierra shares a part with another girl, and was not able to do her solo on the night we went but it was still very fun to watch her in the chorus.

Jordan also got the chance to spend a few minutes with Don Bluth. It was so fun because he was so nervous! So cute! He had an old magazine from Don that he was able to get signed. He was so down to earth about it and really a very humble man.
So we had a fantastic, much needed trip. Too bad we couldn't bring the nice weather back home with us!