Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas beard ends a few week earlier.

Behold; ye mighty beard fierce. It was going to be a Christmas surprise to my family, however it was shaved off 3 week early due to a bet that Trish and I had. One night, we were jokingly arguing whether a certain actor was in a film. The argument turned into betting challenge. Should I be right, the beard grows for 3 extra weeks. If I was wrong, my time would be shortened 3 weeks. We were both so sure that we were right, that we had to drive to the nearest Blockbuster to check (as we were out shopping).

Stupid Kevin Kline ... I swear it was Kevin Cosner!!

The Holidays are here!

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! Yeah it's been a long time since we posted but hey I'm trying here. Wish we could get some snow around here so that it could actually feel like the holidays. Oh well. Here is hoping for a white Christmas.

I am done for the semester now, and doing a little bit of seasonal help at Macy's. Which Jordan can tell you I hate. I'm back in the shoe department, but this time I am only a ringer. I will admit that it is nice because I really don't have to deal with the crazy customers but it sucks because I don't make commision. So basically I just stand behind the register for 8 hours a day while making a crappy wage. Yay for retail.

Last night we went to the Christmas Concert for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I of course go every year since my mom gets tickets for all her family. I will say however that this was probably one of the best concerts I've been too. The guest singer this year was a man by the name of Brian Stokes Mitchell. He is a broadway performer who has stared in many musicals and won many Tony Awards. He is incredible. If anyone is interested in a very talented singer I highly recommend that you check him out at Some of you might have actually heard him sing before. If you have ever seen 'The Prince of Egypt' then you have! He was the singing voice for the character Jetro. The song is 'Through Heaven's Eyes'

Through Heavens Eyes - Various Artists

My mom has a little crush on him. Pretty cute. But he was wonderful. A true entertainer.
Hope you all are getting set for Christmas! 13 days and counting!