Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Happy Birthday / Anniversary

On Wednesday Jordan turned the big 27! ( Well big to him he calls himself an old man) We had a great time being able to celebrate it. I picked him up after work and we went to Cafe Trang for dinner. Very fun. He also got to open up all his gifts with my family the night before. One of his gifts from me was a Snuggie because he always sleeps with his arms above his head and they get cold, one night I rolled over and touched his arm and I thought he was dead because of how cold he was! It was funny though because he looks like a wizard when he puts it on.

He also got a lot of other things which as always included some new video games of course. Hopefully he had a great birthday and he knows how much everyone around him loves him!
The next day was our 2 year anniversary! It is shocking how fas time flies! We were able to spend the evening at the Anniversary Inn. It is a really cool hotel that has a bunch of different theme rooms. We decided to stay in the Italian Gondola Suite since it has always been my dream to go to Italy. It was a really fun room and we had a awesome night.
Thanks for an incredible 2 years Jordy!


Erica said...

congrats and happy birthday! :o)

jeannesioux said...

You're terrific, Trisha!!!
Thanks for being such a great buddy to our Jordan Lee.