Sunday, October 24, 2010

3 Years!

This past Friday was mine and Jordan's 3 year anniversary! Crazy how time flies! It has been a crazy year and we have accomplished so much together.

To celebrate we went to Disneyland / California Adventure. We discovered the benefit of living so close to the happiest place on earth is purchasing So. Cal resident season passes. That way we can go pretty much whenever we want to. I like the idea because a whole day at Disneyland is draining (we were so tired on Saturday!) so if we want to we can go for just a few hours after work and not feel like we have to stay a long time.

Jordan's birthday was the day before our anniversary (28!) so we have had quite the fun filled weekend. I feel incredibly lucky to be married to a guy who is also my best friend. It still amazes me how much fun we have together just goofing off and being silly. I couldn't ask for a better husband! Looking forward to another exciting year together!

Friday, October 8, 2010


This past weekend we were able to get down to Arizona to visit some friends and family. Last year we went early November, I figure there shouldn't be much difference between early November and early October right? WRONG. It was around 108 degrees. Not fun.

Other than the heat, we had a great time. I always say that I am going to take lots of pictures, then I never do. Bad on me. But we hung out with friends, ate good food, and generally had an awesome time. We stayed with my Aunt Jill for 2 nights and it was so good to see her and her family! It was wonderful to talk to her since she had done a major move away from the family about a year before us. She is a wonderful person and I hope she knows how much talking to her meant to me.

Next stop, Las Vegas Nevada for Thanksgiving!