Monday, January 25, 2010

With the holidays and everything I have been slacking on the posts.

Happy New Year anyways! The holiday were wonderful. The Packs all came to Utah this year for a fun filled week. It was great to have everyone together again especially with the newest addition, Austin's fiancee Ray! Hopefully we will get the chance to know her much better.

We also got the chance to go skiing with the whole Gorringe Family! It was a great day and so fun to have all of us together beating our bodies to a pulp. I hadn't been skiing in about 3 years so my legs felt it in a major way. We had a great time anyways.

I have now started work as well. I am working at Salon Valentina in Sugarhouse. It was my first choice salon so it felt great to be fortunate enough to get the job that I wanted. I've been there about 3 weeks now. It is definitely a new challenge. Being straight out of school I do not have a clientel, and I work on commision. Thus there are actually times (take last Friday night) that I work for free! How fun! I am lucky though because the Salon is actually really good about trying to give you as many walk ins as possible. So everyone should walk on in! Haha.

So if anyone is needing a haircut or color let me know. Also any referals are greatly appreciated! ;)