Thursday, February 5, 2009

And the Emmy goes to...

Jordan Pack! Whoo!

That's right! The film that Jordan produced at BYU just won a student Emmy! So because he was the the producer on the project they are going to be flying him out to LA in march for the awards! Also if it won first place (they don't find out till that night) Jordan will get an actual Emmy trophy plus some money! We are keeping our fingers crossed! We are also hoping that it falls during my spring break so that we can get a ticket for me to go along with him.

Step 1: Emmy

Step 2: Get into Pixar

Step 3 Conquer the world! Bwahahaha


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bunny Madness

This is what it is like to own a rabbit. Now I just need to find a sound clip of one squeaking ...

All Settled In

So we are finally here! Yes we moved over this past week and I am proud to say that we are officially all unpacked. The nice thing about moving is being able to start over and be completely organized. I love it. I have taken some pictures of the apartment that I was going to post but sadly somewhere in the process of moving I have lost my USB plugin to upload pictures to my computer from my camera. Hopefully it will show up soon.

Thanks to Justin and Ana we now have a new food obsession. Pho. They took us out to a little restruant that served this dish earlier this week. I will admit we were not sure how we felt about it after we left, however we went again yesterday and now we are hooked. Thanks guys.

I am now back in school trying to get through what I call the 'semester of stress'. However it really has been great being back. I'm loving my new classes and am on my way to graduating hopefully the 2nd week of september or so.

Jordan is doing great at work, although had a slight scare as the company just had to layoff a bunch of people. However he is great and working hard to improve his demo reel.

Hopefully I'm not getting this cold that has been lingering about. Head isn't feeling so great tonight so I'm going to hop on off to bed. Goodnight!