Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The other day I was working and I met two really incredible ladies. They were sisters, in their early 70's, born 13 months apart. The eldest sister was getting a facial done by someone else in the department so while she was doing that I got the chance to talk to her younger sister. I had heard them mention the hospital earlier so I asked if everything was okay. The younger sister (I really wish I had gotten their names) told me that the older sister had been on dialysis for 7 years awaiting a new kidney from the organ transplant list. It was because of a hereditary kidney disorder that 3 of the 4 children in the family had been diagnosed with including both of the sisters.

The younger sister told me that the disease does not usually manifest itself till much later in life, but the older sister had had breast cancer in 1980. Because of the radiation and chemo it had greatly increased the process of the disease. The sister I was talking to (the younger one) also was on the transplant list for a new kidney, although she had not yet had to go on dialysis. However one of the early effects of the disease can be a stroke. Which she had had 2 years ago.

So here are these 2 women. One had breast cancer, was on dialysis, and was awaiting a new kidney. The other had a stroke and was also awaiting a new kidney. Yet these women seemed so HAPPY. They were out shopping, getting facials and their makeup done, and obviously having a great time. I told the younger sister how much I admired their attitude. She told me that she had discovered many years ago that there was no use in being bitter. It does nothing to change the situation and in many circumstances it can only cause harmful effects. She quoted the beginning of a bible verse to me. Philippians 4: 11b ....I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.

I wish these women knew how much they affected me that day. It made me so grateful for everything that I have including and wonderful husband and family. Sometimes people can touch your lives with just the simplest conversation. But I will always remember these two wonderful sisters, trying on pink lipstick and giggling about getting kisses.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Tomorrow will be 1 week since we have moved to California. We are completely unpacked and I have several leads for a job. It has for sure been an exhausting week though. There was a misunderstanding with the movers so we didn't end up getting our stuff until Tuesday. Which meant we slept on the floor for 2 days before breaking down and buying and air mattress the third night.

Also a lovely little surprise on Easter earthquake!

An 7.2 earthquake struck Baja Mexico in the afternoon and traveled far enough to be felt in Southern California. We were just sitting around trying to decide what to do for dinner when our entire apartment started shaking. We ran outside (which we have since learned was a bad idea) and waited till it was over. In the grand scheme of things we felt relatively little. There was no damage or anything like that, just scared us!

We are looking forward to our first free weekend in California and hopefully will have the chance to explore our new home and it's surroundings.