Friday, October 8, 2010


This past weekend we were able to get down to Arizona to visit some friends and family. Last year we went early November, I figure there shouldn't be much difference between early November and early October right? WRONG. It was around 108 degrees. Not fun.

Other than the heat, we had a great time. I always say that I am going to take lots of pictures, then I never do. Bad on me. But we hung out with friends, ate good food, and generally had an awesome time. We stayed with my Aunt Jill for 2 nights and it was so good to see her and her family! It was wonderful to talk to her since she had done a major move away from the family about a year before us. She is a wonderful person and I hope she knows how much talking to her meant to me.

Next stop, Las Vegas Nevada for Thanksgiving!

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jeannesioux said...

When we lived in Arizona, it was interesting to see how we acclimated to the weather. I remember one time, going out to the car, and Justin was sitting in there reading a book, and he was wearing a long-sleeve shirt. Keep in mind, this was the summer. I asked him how he could stand it? He said it felt so good.

When we first got there, I overheard a lady in the neighborhood complaining because she was freezing. It was 55 degrees outside! That seemed crazy to me, because we had just moved from Michigan, and in Michigan when it gets up to 55 after a long winter, people are taking off their coats and jackets and putting on their shorts. Well, after 13+ years in Gilbert, Arizona, I became that same sort of person. I could hardly tolerate 55 degrees back here when we returned to Michigan. It was freezing at 55!