Monday, September 13, 2010

Phlebotomy 1

So today I had my first treatment for my Haemochromotosis. Phlebotomy number one complete! Anyone who knows me well knows that I am really no good with needles or blood draws, so I was really nervous about it. A bag a blood is a lot!

Luckily I have an incredible husband who went along with me. During the whole thing he kept asking me how I was doing and tried to make me smile. I did pretty good till the end when they took the little rubber band that makes your veins pop out off my arm then the spinning started. As per usual I feel sick and they have to lay me down and put my legs in the air so that I don't pass out. I am so awesome.

But I do have to say, it could always be worse. We were in the same room as 3 elderly people who were all receiving chemotherapy. I can't even imagine going through something like that. It makes me very grateful that my thing is so minor in the scheme of things.

I have a follow up exam in October where they will do some more blood panels and see where my levels are at. Hopefully since my levels were so low to begin with, they should be regulated and I won't have to do this again for quite some time. Yay!

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jeannesioux said...

Getting these dumb procedures over with lifts about 80 lbs. of pressure!