Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Leaving Las Vegas

This weekend my mom, my sister-in-law Allison, and I went down to Las Vegas to attend my cousin Kylie's Wedding. It was so much fun to get away with the girls and the wedding turned out so gorgeous. Kids grow up so fast! It makes me feel so old to think that my little cousin is all grown up and married. She is attending hair school as well and will be done in January. We had a great time sharing in her special day.

We actually had so much fun that we decided another girls weekend down to Vegas is in order. One where we can go out and maybe see The Lion King. It's something that I really look forward too. I have an awesome family and I love spending time and goofing around with them.

Jordan spent his labor day weekend getting beat up by a mountain. Him and his cousin Wyatt went up to the Uintah's near Kamas and did a 12 mile hike. They camped up near Amythest Lake and hiked back down the next morning. By the time he got home his t-shirt literally had holes in it and had to be thrown out. Great exercise though.

Congratulations to Kylie and Jason!


jeannesioux said...

Sounds like a great weekend.
It's good to get out once in a while to air out.
Did Jordan take any pictures of where he and Wyatt hiked? I have hiked around alot in the mtns. down there, but not this place. I'll bet it was beautiful.

Have you guys ever done the Alpine Slide up there by Kamas? It's really fun.

Trisha Pack said...

Hmm I didn't know they had an alpine slide up there. We did the one in Snowbird about a month ago

jeannesioux said...

Well....there used to be.

As I remember, we went up Provo Canyon, to Heber, then on the way to Kamas on the north side was the Alpine Slide. The mtns. are very pretty up in that area.