Sunday, March 28, 2010

We had our 'Goodbye Utah' party last night. It was so nice to see people and get a chance to say goodbye to them before we take off to California on Saturday. Thank you so much to everyone who came! We had a blast!
We have also added a new member to our little family! Toady is a 2 year old Pomeranian / Yorkie mix dog who was looking for a new home. We adopted him and are having so much fun getting to know him! He is already house and crate trained so that has been a huge help. He is such a good little dog. He loves to play fetch and lay in the sun. We took him for a long walk today and he loved being out in the open air. The previous owners shaved off his hair for the spring but once it grows out he will be a ball of fluff! He really hasn't struggled at all with adjusting to a new family. He is pretty attached to me and Jordan but he will lay with anyone who will hold him.


jeannesioux said...

He is really cute. Has Jordan started twirling him in circles yet? Ask him about that.

I am glad that you got to have a going away party.

Kranendonk Family said...

Trisha! I am SO sorry we couldn't make it to your party. We really wanted to see you before you left :( Your little dog is so cute! California sounds like it will be so fun for you guys though, so that is awesome! Good luck with everything!! Keep updating your blog so I can see how everything is going!