Saturday, March 6, 2010

California here we come!

At last! 2 years later Jordan and I are finally off to live in the land of sunshine and beaches! Jordan has been offered a job at a studio in Aliso Viejo California called Carbine. He will be working on an unannounced MMO that he is extremely excited about. We feel so lucky that this chance has presented itself to us.

We have so much to do before we leave. We are going to be flying to Orange County on Tuesday and spend a few days there doing the great apartment hunt. Can you say expensive?!?! But we are still very excited. The studio is located around 2 miles from the beach and there are a ton of apartments in that area. The thought of being able to go to the beach whenever we feel like is so exciting! We need to report for duty on April 5, one month from today. So we are planning on leaving early early on the 3rd. We of course have to be here on the 2nd because we would never miss Austin and Ray's wedding! We are so looking forward to being able to spend some time with the Pack clan before we take off.

Sadly for me, I will have to take California State Boards. From what I've heard they are also a lot stricter on their requirements. Boo. So hopefully I will be able to get over there and get my license as soon as possible.

We would love to have a casual party / get together before we leave so we can have one last chance to see everyone. Please let us know if you'd be interested in coming!

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jeannesioux said...

Two miles from the beach! How nice is that?!!! You are not too far away from where my mother grew up....Riverside and Anza. Of course, Riverside is very different now than back in the day.

And you are not too far away from San Diego. I love it down there. Hey, you could go to Mexico now!! Jordan's Uncle Will is not too far away from you. We have a bunch of Woolley cousins in the LaVerne area (northeast LA area) up by San Bernardino, that Jordan does not know. Weston and I flew out to my Uncle Bill's funeral when he was 14. I think that Jordan will remember once when we stayed with him in about 1993. At that time we went through the San Diego temple openhouse, and went to Disneyland. I think that you are far enough to the south that all of that Anaheim pollution will just keep going east. You get all of the nice sea breezes. Yippee. I think you will have a wonderful adventure!!!