Monday, August 30, 2010

I am lazy

Sooo yeah. Everytime I think about updating the blog, I suddenly find something else to do.

The end of summer! We have had a very interesting summer. We have settled into our lives in California wonderfully. Jordan is doing wonderful in his job and looks forward to playing baseball with his friends at work every week. In July I had the chance to go to Utah for my Grandma and Grandpa Gorringe's 50th wedding anniversary! It was such a special day and I am so happy I was able to be there with them.
We briefly started looking for a condo only to realize about a month later that in order to get somewhere that we are completely happy we need to have a 20% down payment. So for now we are on hold on the house search, but we look forward in the future to finding a place of our own.

A couple of weekends ago we took Toady to the dog beach in Huntington Beach. It was an experience to say the least. So many dogs! We had to keep him on the leash the whole time because he gets so excited around other dogs. It was pretty hard to control him with all the dogs there, it was good to experience but I don't think we will be going back any time soon. Especially after one dog (who had a muzzle on - so I knew he was trouble) was let off his leash and tried to attack Toady. He was literally 5x Toady's size and before we knew it he had 5 dogs on top of him. I was able to wrestle him out of the pile, but his lip did get cut. That didn't stop him though, he was still ready to play!

He was still happy in the car though! Now we are dealing with a flea epidemic, that hopefully we can get under control soon. Because everytime we try to give him a flea bath the flea's take out their frustration on me! I bought him some medication today so hopefully it will get better soon.


jeannesioux said...

Sam and I miss having a dog!

Did Toady get his fleas from Jordan?

Trisha said...

I don't know but they are driving me crazy!

We shaved him tonight. It was quite the experience and he looks really bad. Oh well.

jeannesioux said...

Oh.....poor Toady lost his pretty hair.....Did you have to "hog-tie" him to get him to cooperate while you shaved him? Our dogs hated to do that. I can just see it now. Jordan holds down poor Toady with a firm grip, while Trisha shaves all of that hair off. This reminds me of the way that I used to have to cut Sam's toenails. Jordan will remember that, I think.

Toady really is a cute dog.

We keep being attacked by in humid Michigan. Now that it is getting cooler... I think things will settle down. Sam and I both keep getting bitten by something. We never see it. I showed a patch of it to our doctor one time. Know what he told me? "Tis the season."
Oh great. Thanks. Bugs love humidity!

Last week, I was bit by something about 6 times in a "bad" place. This time, the welts were more like spider bites. They were quite painful and sore and they bubbled up like spider bites. I tried golden seal, then calomine lotion, then medicated cream for scabies just for the heck of it. No go. Finally, I tried some of Wes' potent steroid cream that he uses on his skin disorder (PRP) and yea, it works.

Good luck with the fleas.