Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life in Limbo

So since we last posted a lot has changed. We are currently living at my parents house while trying to figure out our lives.

Jordan has applied to Blizzard and we are waiting to here back from them to see if they would be interested in sending him an art test. This studio is the top of the game industry so it would be amazing for Jordan's career if he were to get in. Plus living in Irvine, California is not something that either one of us is quick to complain about.

Meanwhile the government keeps dangling the promise of $8000 to first time homebuyers if they purchase before Nov. 31. To say this is appealing is an understatement. We have gone out a couple times with our real estate agent and found some really great options. Plus this weekend we were happened to come across a great new community being built in Woods Cross. We absolutely loved the area and we would be able to build a brand new 1700 sq foot Townhouse for a great price. Trisha approves.

All that being said we are living in limbo. We don't want to jump the gun and risk having to turn down an amazing job opportunity, but at the same time we are on a time crunch with the stimulus package. So if any of you could convince Mr. Obama to extend that time line we would really appreciate it.

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jeannesioux said...

oooooooh, decisions like that are tough. Sometimes things fall together so nicely. Other times you feel like you are up against a wall, or a giant jigsaw puzzle.