Thursday, February 5, 2009

And the Emmy goes to...

Jordan Pack! Whoo!

That's right! The film that Jordan produced at BYU just won a student Emmy! So because he was the the producer on the project they are going to be flying him out to LA in march for the awards! Also if it won first place (they don't find out till that night) Jordan will get an actual Emmy trophy plus some money! We are keeping our fingers crossed! We are also hoping that it falls during my spring break so that we can get a ticket for me to go along with him.

Step 1: Emmy

Step 2: Get into Pixar

Step 3 Conquer the world! Bwahahaha



El Fro said...

LA yay!

The Felts said...

HOLY CRAP! That's beyond cool. Keeping my fingers crossed for him :) Let us know!!

jeannesioux said...

I DO hope that you get to go too, Trisha.

Meghan and Tyler said...

Awwww YAH!!!

Jordan is the man!

I hope that we get first for Kites.

Great job Jordan