Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas beard ends a few week earlier.

Behold; ye mighty beard fierce. It was going to be a Christmas surprise to my family, however it was shaved off 3 week early due to a bet that Trish and I had. One night, we were jokingly arguing whether a certain actor was in a film. The argument turned into betting challenge. Should I be right, the beard grows for 3 extra weeks. If I was wrong, my time would be shortened 3 weeks. We were both so sure that we were right, that we had to drive to the nearest Blockbuster to check (as we were out shopping).

Stupid Kevin Kline ... I swear it was Kevin Cosner!!


Trisha Pack said...

bwhahahaha! Kevin Klein for the win!

a. maren said...

that is some shiny shirt you have. what a shame about the beard.

jeannesioux said...

With that first picture, you look like you could be a famous actor yourself, on....... Napoleon Dynamite?

You and Trish are funny...and fun.

Tyler (characters N' sketches) said...

WOW...that Jordan guy is dreamy!!!

Slick beard.

Brandon May said...

dood is that beard real? NASTYA!

just a side note the word verification for this comment is doosh... nice.