Tuesday, October 28, 2008

St. George ahoy!

So for our 1 year anniversary we decided to take a little road trip down to St. George. We had a great time exploring, climbing, swimming, and being a little bit lazy. On the 2nd day we planned on going to Zions National Park. It is about an hour away from St. George and we figured we would have a good time. However when we arrived we realized there was a park entry fee of $25. Now that might not sound too bad except for the fact that on that particular day there were fires burning around that area. The smoke was pretty thick so visibility was very poor and it hurt our eyes to even get out of the car. Taking all that into consideration we decided not to spend the money. So no Zions for us. However Jordan did find something to his liking while we were there.

Yes, Jordan has a bear hat. He was quite pleased with himself. We found a really neat park not far from our hotel. It is called Pioneer Park and it is basically just a ton of red rock formations that you can climb around on and explore. We had a blast there and even found a few nice caves to nap if we had gotten tired.

We had a great time and are sad to be home and back to normal life. Oh well.

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Stargazer said...

Hi, the cave looks pretty clean. Nice glowing colour too. The caves where I am at are all dark, slimy scary places that remind you of bats.